Friday, May 13, 2011

Chess960: Amazing variations SP175

Check out this amazing amazing midgame/endgame that SP175 threw up in post game analysis! Chess960 can produce some bizarre variations that are for want of a better word....breathtaking!

A  Queen+Rook sacrifice variation that emerged from SP175:
What can I say! Remember that black is down in material and so is on the back foot but at least puts up an amazing fight. Note that when the comments say "singular move" it means that the move played is the only one that produces a significant gain or is required as a significant save. Rybka helped me find this line....

*Some* of the ridiculous highlights!:
(Ok you think you see a mate in one, but think not about what you see, but how white constructed what you see!):
  • 63.       ... Rf1+!!  += (else mate in #5)
  • 64.       ... c8/Q+!! += (else mate in #10)
  • 65. Ke2!!             += (else black -+)
  • 65.       ... Qd1+!!  += (else white +/-)

The variation shows an incredible merging between mid-game and end-game themes combined with an amazing clustered pawn promotion. White set's up a complete home on the second rank and migrates his king to the third! The bank rank is completely abandoned and white seems to ignore the promotion threat only to return to it just in time by combining it with a mating threat. Finally white must demonstrate that there is a win without a queen and yet another pawn promotion threat!  Almost every possible chess resource, idea and phenomenon that can be imagined is seen in this variation.

Realise that such a variation is improbable in Chess SP518 because of black's trapped suffragan bishop and white's own hemmed in bishop.

Wow. Enjoy!

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