Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chess960: Puzzle suggestions for GM's that are playing Chess

Here is a suggestion for GM's that are playing Chess not Chess960 and that still need puzzle exercises to work on in the morning's routine of practice. Hat's off to you. You've done all the major puzzle exercises. You know all of the endgame skills. You know all of the major opening ideas. You know all of the subtlest positional ideas and of course all of the tactics as well. What do you still need to practice that is truly different?
  1. You must get someone to write a program for you that does nothing but look for novelties in the current openings according to a time period and current popular opening trends within that time period.
  2. The program must present you with the lead-up to the the novelty plus all of the primary lines that result from the novelty.
  3. You treat the programs output like a puzzle. Every morning spend at least three hours playing through all the novelty puzzles that the computer has found until all the major ideas are committed to memory. How many novelty puzzles are there likely to be in the major primary lines of the day? Ten novelties in a window of the first 15 moves in the day to day trends of the fashionable openings around the world?
  4. For at least another couple of years you would have fun novelty puzzles to do every morning that would generally refresh your memory for the opening book as well.
You would have beautiful studies that are still complicated enough for you to work through. You might even be able to play these novelties against unsuspecting opponents! Just an idea that would help give you a couple of extra ratings points. It would cut down a lot of unnecessary study time and allow you to do other things with your day.

But then again, how about?...

You could form a coalition of players and form a break away group of Chess960 professionals as happened with tennis in the late 1960's and early 70's. By doing so you put your career at a risk if you are not going to get invited to Chess tournaments any more because you are "radicals". The group of "960" could be:
  1. Aronian, Levon
  2. Grischuk, Alexander
  3. Kosteniuk, Alexandra
  4. Leko, Peter
  5. Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar
  6. Nakamura, Hikaru
  7. Navara, David
  8. Polgar, Judit
  9. Svidler, Peter
  10. Any others?
At least two women in the group as well as a mix of younger as well as senior players who have all played Chess960 at GM tournament level. Sounds like a lot of fun! 

Costs nothing to dream I guess.

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