Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All is not lost for Chess960 - part 2

Eh people we have a new server for Chess960 and it supports both live play, team play and slow play. It could well be the first chess server on the planet that was fundamentally built on Chess960 from the start!

I stumbled across E-chess960 on Facebook as they were working really hard to set up the site a few months ago. E-Chess960.com has a Facebook page as well. The primary developer is Andrei a freelance web developer with collaborations from a variety of countries and peoples! (Romania, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK) . A few tips if you do try:
  1. Just be aware that when they send you a confirmation email, it ends up in your spam folder so check that...
  2. When you've logged on, go straight to settings and setup a board display that works for you. The default display might not work.
  3. You click once to select the piece and click again to place it.
It's a relaxed easy going place to play Chess960 and the people are friendly and they promote fair play. Support the project, be patient and have fun. I cannot tell you how much work must have gone into building the site and it was done in spare time for us the Chess960 community.

........and best of all, the clock timer starts on white's first turn. Three cheers!! I begged ChessCube to implement this feature (The 960 Chess Clock) but Andrei had it implemented correctly from the start. A wonderful time for Chess960 online chess fans!

Hat's off to all!
Enjoy 960


  1. Thanks Harry O,for mentioning our Chess960 client.
    All of us at e-chess960.com thank you.
    We welcome every one to play Chess960 or Traditional Chess on our site.
    As it states on our home page.
    " Welcome to e-Chess960! THE ULTIMATE CHESS COMMUNITY.
    Our goal is to create the ultimate chess site.
    Design and fair play are at our forefront.
    The online chess world is changing.Join our site and watch it evolve and set new standards.
    We are the chess community! "
    Come and be part of a new chess community as we get started and change the online chess world.

  2. Thank you for posting this Harry O, I would not have probably found that site otherwise. I have to check it out in the near future. :-)