Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chess960: Opening Puzzle No. 2

Here's a cool little Chess960 puzzle that occurred from SP205. Black has tried a radical tactic of playing out the Chivalry Knights hyper-quickly to startle white (Naming the Knight Pairs). See if you can find the solution!:

SP205 White to play: Find the only equalizing move...

I could not see the idea, but the chess engine Rybka4-960 sure could! The answer is hidden somewhere on this post. Feel free to kick me if the solution is not agreeable to you! :-)

Sometimes Rybka should be called "Doctor Strangelove"!
Enjoy 960!

5.d3! Nxd3+ 6.Kd2 Nxc1 7.cxd4 Nxa2 8.Qxa2= f5?! 9.d5! e6 10.Bb3 +/= fantastic!
5.cxd4?! Nd3+ 6.Kf1 Nxc1 7.Nc3 Nd3 8.Qb1 Nf4 9.Nf5 g6 10.Be3 =/+
5.Kf1?! Nd3 6.cxd4 Nxc1 =/+
5.Bc2?! 5...Nxc2+ 6.Rxc2 c5 =/+
(Feel free to post a comment if you do not understand)

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