Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chess960: Opening Puzzle No. 3

Well it seems at the moment I'm the only blogger on the internet that wants to create and share Chess960 puzzles (type in Chess960 puzzles into Google and see), I might as well continue the fledgling tradition!:

SP228 (NBBRQKNR): White to move: Find the only move with advantage

The answer is somewhere on this post. Now if you got the answer wrong, join the club! I simply did not see it because I think I was blinded by the habit of traditional chess! But maybe I just goofed. Do not underestimate the solution. Have a look at it and see why every step is important.

Enjoy 960!

1. O-O (only move) ... Nxf2! (only move)
2. QxN (only move) ... QxQ   (only move)
3. KxQ!(only move) ... BxB   (only move)
4. NxB (only move) ... c6
5. Bg5 +/- 
(Feel free to post a comment if you do not understand)


  1. Congrats on your position as chess960 puzzlemaster. There is a small complication with the current puzzle: the solver doesn't know if White can castle O-O. Perhaps the King started on the e- or g-file. To be sure, you could give the start position along with the SP, e.g. 'SP228 NBBRQKNR'. - Mark

  2. Wow thanks for the feedback Mark and glad that you are still around wonderful!

    Yes SP228 NBBRQKNR is the way to keep the solution the puzzle less obvious without mentioning the castling situation up front and giving the puzzle away.