Monday, March 14, 2011

Small Town Chess960

Hitrel at messaged me the other day. He joined the AdvancedChess960 group there a few months ago and we got to talking a bit. He lives in a small town and wants to start a Chess960 club in his town! A great idea which really touched me because I have wanted to do the same thing many times. He asked how he could fund such a club. At this stage I'm clueless for ideas. The only idea I could come up with for Hitrel  is to make some spare money via blogging online if he can think of a topic that creates enough interest! :-)

I guess the main costs these days for starting a chess club is the hall hire and insurance. Good luck to him. Whatever. Chess960 is a great chess club activity because it encourages open minded fun and lively discussions for all ages. I should suggest to him that he get in contact with Adam at his blog:

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