Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All is not lost for Chess960....I hope

After the disappointed that Mainz has been cancelled, I thought it was over for Chess960. But a quick search using Google blogger search, reveals these new links:

A new chess960 server yeah!:

Some evidence of chess960 club play in the USA!:

A chess competition by the amazing Armenians:

The Annex Chess Club in Canada:

And of course Mark Weeks great Chess960 blog that is still going hopefully for a lot longer:

Keep it up people! Chess960 is wonderful. There is no need to reduce the 960 start positions down to a smaller subset. Just play a couple of thousand games of Chess960 as it is and you will begin to see the patterns in the start concept a bit like a scientist! You are an explorer, curious, learning, inquisitive, enjoying the experience of loosing as much as winning.

Don't dumb-down Chess960! We need a sense of inquiry in Chess like we had a couple of hundred years ago. Don't simplify it down to Chess60, Chess48, Chess10 chess whatever. Leave it the way it is and enjoy Bobby Fischer's great gift to chess! There are hundreds of books that could be written into the concepts and patterns of Chess960 and so much to learn and enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Re 'chess960 blog that is still going hopefully for a lot longer', I don't intend to stop blogging about chess960. I cut back on posting from twice a week to have more time for other challenges. I find that posting on a regular schedule, currently once a week for chess960, is good discipline to keep a blog going. It means I have a week to think about the next topic, but when the day arrives, I have to commit those thoughts to written words.

    I also noticed the news about A list of chess960 online play sites, both correspondence and live, would make a good post. Do you want to do it or should I? - Mark