Friday, April 22, 2011

Elementary Tactics - don't give up

Here's a simple little drawing line I came across in a 15 minute game. I was down a knight, facing an ugly back rank checking line against my king and generally pretty depressed. However because of the negative frame of mind, I missed a saving line! The position below is still a chess960 remnant from what was SP152. Note that white's bishop is out of play for a while and white's king is exposed which is at least some compensation for black being down a piece. In the first of two solutions black's queen influence saves the day even as she faces the firing squad. How romantic is that?!

Black to play: Find one of two ONLY correct moves
Don't scroll down until you think you have the answer...

...Qe6, Rd8+...Kg7, Qf8+...Kf6, Rd6...Re8+, Kf2...Re7+ =
...Qf6, Qc3...BxN, QxB...Qxf3, Rd8+...Kg7, Qd4+...Kh6, Qh4+...Kg7 =

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