Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chess960: How to simply enjoy

Yeah reading Mark's blog on "The Path of Bliss":
His points are excellent. There is a simple child like quality of joy to Chess960. Got me thinking about the name of this blog....."Chess960 Jungle".

Now I meant that name to contrast Chess960 against the beautiful rainforest's of diversity, exploration and the sheer joy of the amazing predatory practices that you find in it. What never occurred to me is that a "jungle" has the double meaning of the rat race of the city jungle where we humans fight each other to get to the top of whatever little hill we think is important to us.

Here are two photos that describe what I mean:

Jungle Skyscrapers

City Skyscrapers

Now actually both those skyscrapers are amazing in their own way (philosophical point). Do not get me wrong. The trees in the jungle are trying to grow taller than the next tree. But the jungle is about an integrated system and you cannot think of it in terms of one against the other because it doesn't work like that. Everything is dependent on everything else.

But what actually turns the skyscraper into this then?

Perhaps no-one will hear but it has to be said anyway. It is about our perception and a polluted mind.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to win at chess.
A child wants to win!

Chess is a journey and that is great!
Chess is an exploration and that is great!
Chess is a lot of fun and that is great!

But when we think we NEED  to win at chess because in so doing, we can possess a chess rating that will make us happy, that is when we pollute what it is to play chess!

Chess is not about these things. It is ultimately not about accumulating knowledge. Chess is a fun journey or an exploration that two players or two teams of players are sharing with each other. Think of it like that and you will ultimately enjoy Chess a lot more. That is one of the reasons why I like Chess960, because in 960 there is a fresh sense of a journey from the very start of the game.

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