Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chess960-SP159: The Royal Punishment

Yesterday I got onto a "Royal" theme which even included a discussion about edge pawns yet again. Well here is just about the most punishing line I've ever seen white deliver to black for taking an edge pawn!

SP159: The Royal Punishment Line

Ok so here is yet another reason why taking the undefended edge pawn is bad! The actual bomb shell mistake that black made was 5...BxR?? But what's the alternative? Well here's the funny thing. Instead black plays 5....Bf7 swallowing all their pride in the process. White then quietly continues development with 6. Nb3 and we arrive at the question can white's queen trapped?:

Black to play: Can White's Queen be Trapped?

Well that's a little puzzle that I'll leave well alone! WARNING: If you try to work out how to trap white's queen, you may require admission into hospital at some stage. Enjoy! (If you want the answer comment me and I'll post it).

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