Friday, July 8, 2011

Chess960: Opening Puzzle No. 5

Ok here is an incredibly masochistic tortuous yet somewhat funny 960 puzzle. Sorry but once again it's pretty tricky! I missed it myself. The situation is that black's opening has not gone well due to a couple of serious oversights. Black is totally bound up unable to do anything and all his primary pieces are ineffective. The last defense black has against a mate in one and a dozen other issues are the Military Knights on the 7th rank.

SP243 Black to play (cannot castle): Find the only move with a chance to survive!

There are basically only two choices so enjoy the solution if you miss it! Notice that the correct solution is not only much better, but also much simpler!
(answer somewhere on this page)

1.                 ... Rb8??
2. Rd3!            ... Be5! (only move - white doubles on the d-file, exchange sac's 2R for Q+N and uses black's paralysis for a long slow mating line using the Q+N+2P)
3. b4 (only move)  ... Bd6  (only move)
4. e5              ... Nxe5 (only move)
5. Bxe5            ... Qd7!?
6. Qb5             ... Qxb5
7. Nxb5            ... Nc8
8. Rhd1 +- desperate stuff!

1.      ... Rxa7 (only move)
2. QxR  ... Kc8! (only move)
3. Rd2  ... Nb8
4. Rhd1 ... Qc6 and black survives....just!

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