Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chess960: Amazing variations SP189

Chess960 throws up some really unusual examples of how a good position can compensate for being down in material. Here is an absolute corker example. Black is down a rook but up a knight and a pawn. Both players have problematic positions. Black has both knights on the back row and doubled up pawns under attack. But even worse is white's trapped queen. The variation that follows shows how amazingly black's pieces cooperate in such an efficient and elegant way.

SP189: Black fights back!

The part I cannot get my head around is how black manages to bring both knights back into active play AND maintain an initiative that does not wither away (like usually happens!). It is nice to watch how black get's the two knights active in the time it takes for white to release the trapped queen. A beautiful variation (in a non-classical sense).

Enjoy 960.

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