Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let's crowdfund the first ever Chess960 simultaneous

WARNING, I've had an idea.....

In response to this post from Mark Weeks "Who Needs Fide?"
We crowd-fund the first ever Official Chess960 Simultaneous between Hikaru Nakamura and the Chess Tigers club in Germany. The event is held some time this year before the next world championship match. Hikaru's manager is contacted to find out what the minimum attendance fee would be so that we have a funding target.
Just imagine how wonderful it would be to see Hikaru in a Chess960 simultaneous competition! Suddenly we would have a wealth of openings to study!! The Chess960 players in Germany would be good enough and plentiful enough to make it at least a bit of a challenge for him!


  1. Harry - Re 'first ever chess960 simultaneous', it wouldn't be the first. I've mentioned a few other simuls in these posts...

    Chess960 Simuls @ Mainz

    Special Chess960 Dice

    ...As for crowdfunding, why not? Before going too far, you should contact GM Nakamura and ask about his fee. - Mark

  2. Thanks Mark! Oh well, looks like that marketing angle is gone......

    How about:
    America verses Germany, the second coming
    Chess960 crowdfunding presents....
    Nakamura V Chess Tigers Simultaneous
    The One against the Many.


  3. Another thing you might want to do is establish some ground rules for the simul. How and when are the SPs chosen, does everyone play the same SP -- the sort of thing specific to chess960. It could be useful for other people considering something similar.

    Aronian and Grischuk are two other top GMs who enjoy playing chess960. Both are more popular with chess fans than Nakamura. - Mark

  4. Mark, while I've got you, could you check out my Chess960 compilation database I released yesterday and tell me if you think there are more games I could add, or whether I should change the format, let me know I'll gladly do it. Thanks.

  5. Yes, Harry, I bookmarked that post over the weekend and will cover it in one of my own weekly chess960 posts. I have a backlog of topics, so I can't promise when -- probably in the next few weeks. - Mark