Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chess960 database - compilation of games 2001-2018

DOWNLOAD HERE (Courtesy of and

 Here is my own compilation of all human Chess960 games played since Fischer Random Chess was invented, according to these criterion:
  1. Human ELO 2000+
  2. Over the board competition preferred
  3. No blitz games
  4. Online tournaments at long time controls but not correspondence
  5. Simultaneous exhibitions
There are a lot of famous players in this database, including games by Anand, Aronian, Svidler, Nakamura, Carlsen and Kasparov!

The compilation remasters the original pgn games still available from around the web, repairing them by hand so that they are fully replayable in software that recognises Chess960.

The standard I used for the remastering is Chessbase 12 and it's interpretation of Chess960 PGN format and start position numbering. 

THE FORMAT IS NOT UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED and the database will not load in some software. The difference is in the [variant] tag. Chessbase use a space between Chess and 960. Here is an example: [Variant "chess 960"]. 

Some databases omit the space. Other databases use a different variant tag altogether. Winboard uses [Variant "fischerandom"].

I think it should be:
[Variant "chess960"]

But that doesn't work in my chessbase software!

Here are some tips for people who want to search the database:
  • If you want freeware that can import the database, winboard works. If you want a Chess960 specific version of winboard you can download a modified winboard app from this blog that can import the database and display the games with the official Chess960 number in the title bar (plus more).
  • If you are using Chessbase you can search by the official Chess960 number if you first convert the PGN into native Chessbase format.
  • If you are using Chessbase you can sort the games by their official Chess960 number if you first convert the PGN into native Chessbase format.

The sources I used to compile the database were:

If you think I missed any games, please let me know!


  1. Updated with 45 games from the "TRAINING RAPID CHESS TOURNAMENT (CHESS 960)" in Russia Thanks Mark Weeks for making me aware of this tournament here:

  2. Updated with eight games from the CCM4 - Gerling Match (Chess960 WCh) between Aronian and Svidler which I had missed.

    Thanks to Mark Weeks at:

    for making the effort to let me know. It is wonderful to have more games from these two great players.

  3. Updated with 552 games from the ICCF (thanks for highlighting this Mark Weeks)

    1. You removed the "not correspondence" requirement, didn't you?

    2. Hi Mundo - the database doesn't contain correspondence (maybe a small number got in?) There would be a large wealth of Chess960 games in correspondence databases not covered here.

  4. Updated with the games from this link that is an official composite of all Mainz games:

  5. Removed the 30 move requirement for simultaneous games so long as both players are 2000+

  6. Updated the database with 216 games from the Frankfurt City Championships 2010-2013 link here: Criterion was for at least one player to be 2000+

  7. Updated the database with the open section games of the 2014 Frankfurt City Chess960 Championship:

    Only games with at least one ELO 2000+ player have been included.

    This Chess960 database has only 55 games to reach the 2000 game milestone! C'mon people!

  8. your effort of compiling the games is commendable.

  9. I am getting 'File not found' error when tried to download from 'DOWNLOAD HERE' link above.

  10. Thanks Amitj. The link should be working again. No new games yet. Should be 1945 games in total.

  11. Tahnk you very much. If you update it, please, let me know.

  12. Database updated with all 100 games from Champions Showdown in St. Louis bringing the total to 2171 games.

  13. Great job HarryO! Thank you very much for uploading the games!