Monday, August 22, 2011

Chess960: Opening Puzzle No. 8

Well puzzle six was a tricky one! Biff says that at least he got part of the answer up to the third move. Here is another really difficult "Catch The Knight" problem that comes from a real Chess960 game!

SP379 Black to play move 10 (castling permitted):
Can the knight be caught cleanly without loss?
Problem level: Difficult
Answer: yes or no?
Solution: somewhere on this page

10)       ... Rd7?! white now throws everything including the kitchen sink at black!
11) d4!   ... f5    preparing Bf7
12) d5!   ... Nf4   biffing black's knight
13) g3!   ... Nfxd5 biffing black's knight
14) e4!   ... fxe4  biffing black's knight
15) fxe4  ... Nb4   finally black get's a small breather
16) O-O!  ... Bf7   time to capture white's knight finally?
17) Bxb6! ... cxb6= white's knight has got an escape square!
So Rd7?! is a definite no answer for the puzzle.

Here's the best shot black has:
10)       ... Nf4!  Black threatens Ng6 closing white's knight retreat square
11) Re1   ... Ng6
12) h4    ... gxh4  white was threatening to biff Ng6 away allowing Ne7
13) Be3!  ... Nd5   white is desperate to free the knight via h6
14) Bg5!  ... f6    the battle for control of h6 continues
15) Bh6!! ...       now the two bishops fight each other
15)       ... Bf7   black continues the plan to capture the knight
16) Bxg7  ... Rxg8  white's bishop must retreat
17) Bh6   ... Rxa2-/+ black get's compensation but could not catch the knight without exchanging off a bishop. 

Therefore the answer to black's best shot in the puzzle is still no!
The puzzle solution is: no, white's knight cannot be caught without exchanging it for another piece

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  1. I got this one right but I sure didn't see all the variations.