Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Chess960: Puzzle 21

From SP 815 we get an awesome tactic that would never have happened in standard chess.


White to play and win:
Answer bottom left hand corner of this page

Notice the remnants of the start position in this tactic? Very difficult to get two kings in the corner and two undefended bishops next to each other in the corner.

Check out the solution below!

1. Ka2!! ... Qxg1?
2. e6! Black has no way to stop the e-pawn queening.
if instead:
1. e6? ... Qe1+!
2.Ka2 ... Qxe6
if instead:
1.Ka2!! ... Qe1!?
2.Bd5! ... Qxe5
3.Bc4 and black cannot avoid Qxb6 ruining blacks away-side pawns

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