Monday, December 21, 2015

Chess960: Transcript of Showdown in Saint Louis 2015 - SP112 Nakamura v Caruana

Here is a transcript of the first fischer random game between Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana at the Showdown in Saint Louis competition 2015.

Rumours have it that the organizers experienced technical difficulties during the event, so there are no PGN records for the games available in the public domain. I have had to reconstruct the games from the video recordings on Youtube and Chess24. In order to save time and effort, I have transcribed only the opening phases of each of the games, since that is what interests us in Chess960 - the rest is just chess!

To save space in the comment text, the three commentators are initialed as Yasser Seirawan (YS), Jennifer Shahade (JS) and Maurice Ashley (MA).

Game 1 SP112: Hikaru Nakamura verses Fabiano Caruana

NOTE: Some browsers may not display the game properly

Transcriptions of the other other games will follow over coming days......


  1. Nice job. Did you contact the organizers to ask if they have PGN game scores? - Mark

  2. Hi Mark - Thanks for the inspiration to keep going with the other seven games. You are right I should have contacted the organizers. They posted all the other PGN games online except for the 960 games so I assumed that they don't exist - but I could be wrong.