Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chess960: Compilation Database Update for the Frankfurt City Championships

Right at the climax of the Chess World Championship at Sochi, there is also a Chess960 tournament unfolding!

The Frankfurt City Chess960 Championships have become an annual event which I only just realised has been going since 2010. Here is the link. The good news is that it looks like it is scheduled to continue until 2020! Perhaps it is the spiritual successor for the Mainz Chess960 event that ended in 2009?

The 2014 Frankfurt City competition is still unfolding with a few rounds to go.......

In the mean time, I have updated the compilation database for Chess960 that I host on this blog for another 216 games! The additional games are from the Frankfurt Championships 2010-2013 for games where at least one of the players is 2000+ rating.

Once the dust has settled on 2014 championships, I'll add them to the database as well.

Thank you to the organizers for uploading the PGNs for all the Chess960 games!

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