Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chess960: Car crash openings part 4

A Car Crash Opening is any opening where the game is over before the tenth move because the loosing side is asleep at the wheel - enjoy the ride!

Mostly I stuff up beyond the 10th move somewhere. However in the tradition of the "Car Crash Opening", the end must come on or before the 10th move. So here is the fourth classic car crash opening played by me where each move I played is a perfect instruction on how not to play the Chess960 opening.
1. Ne3!? I'm thinking "c'mon man no way you are blocking your center!"
Now it's time to move. I notice these things about the position:
  • Bishop next to king - potential checks on the king
  • Queen next to king - red hot diagonal tactics on the king possible
  • Chivalry knights - danger if they are allowed to move forward
  • Fork on e2 against queen and rook
  • Both rooks are undefended
Now I'm blowing my brain cells on the first move! I play a move that breaks all the theories of first opening moves.
1. ...e6?! What the?!?! Doesn't develop any pieces at all and opens lines against the king. I was thinking that I wanted to set up the pawn structure e6/d5/c5....
2.d3!? I'm thinking "c'mon that is way too passive!"
2. ...d5!? I start to enact my secret plan of e6/d5/c5
3.Nxd5! What the !?!? you must be kidding
3. ...exd5?? Played instantly thinking my opponent is on drugs
4.Qg5+...f6 Blocking the bishop but what the heck
5.Qxd5+ Qd7 Surely something can be done about this coming car crash...
6.Qxg8...Ne6 I can trap the queen tell me I can trap the queen?
7.Qxh8 Black resigned. I can't castle and the queen escapes via h7
Here is the tragedy step by ugly step:

Aaaggh. Crash! (Good fun)

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