Monday, April 2, 2012

Chess960: Finally the knights and bishops have something in common

Just a small point of interest for Chess960 players. The following observation of the blind spots that the military knights and the patriarch bishops have in common, is really pretty important for Chess960:

The common blindspots of the knights and bishops
The squares in red are blind to the military knights directly in front of them in two adjacent squares, and for the powerful patriarch bishop pair, the blindspot is displaced by one rank. Finally there is a feature that the very different minor pieces have in common and only Chess960 really shows it!

The blind squares is a pretty important theme in Chess960 in terms of planning and awareness early on during the opening phase. The reason is that important pieces can sit on these blindspots and harass the position. Typically what happens is that for the military knights, an opposing knight will sit in their blindspot and attack weak squares on the second rank. For the blindspot of the patriarch bishops, what tends to happen is that the opposing queen or knights will sit in their blind spot and attack the first rank (viewed from the position above).

Enjoy 960

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